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Solar Systems with Battery


Price on application

Offer protection from increasing electricity prices with a battery storage solar power system, the ideal solution between off-grid and grid connected systems, providing the best of both worlds with incredible savings on your electricity. Battery storage solar systems operate in a similar manner as typical grid-connected systems however with the inclusion of an energy storage device to extend the solar power potential, making them ideal for use during peak evening periods instead of relying on expensive fossil-fuel generated electricity.

Battery storage systems are connected to both a battery storage device and the standard power grid. Providing the benefit of using stored solar generated energy on days of low solar gain and / or evenings, whilst still receiving any feed in tariffs (where applicable). Plus providing the complete peace of mind that electricity is always available during times of excessive power use or extended days of low solar.

Each solar solution is entirely customised based on location, sun exposure and return on energy bills. Enquire now to find out how much you can save from solar.